Friday, April 29, 2016

Summer Events And What to Remember

Summer events are great for companies that want to have a mid-year celebration. It can be anything from celebrating your employees or your company’s successes. With all corporate events, it has to be a memorable event for all who attend. We list down some things that will step up your corporate event game.

1.       Theme

Summer themes are an excellent way to ensure that your events will be fun for all your guests. These can be anything from casual beach themes to cool picnic events. Once you and your team have settled for a theme then you can get started on choosing the location, food, personalised corporate gifts, and so much more. Hold a vote around the office to see what theme they want to go for. No theme is impossible to do. All you need is the imagination to see it through. Keep the theme of the event in line with the objectives of your company.

2.       Location

Location has to be decided early on so that you can book caterers and confirm the date for the guests. Location has to be easily accessible to caterers, event organisers, and guests. For a summer corporate event, try to make the location outdoors. A beach location, rooftop, or garden will make for excellent summer event venues. Make sure they have ample room for your plans such as a stage for the event and so on. This can allow you to plan for any furniture or equipment that you might need.

3.       Furniture

If your event location doesn’t have furniture, you’ll have to rent your own. This is why it is very important for you to lockdown your theme and location early on. Focus on your location and what works well with it. Be sure to book it as soon as you have your theme and ask them if the location is accessible to them. Keep the furniture light and casual if you are going for a summer theme. Rent equipment you would need for your event as well. Things like audio visual equipment have to be booked the same time as the furniture.

4.       Party Favours

Corporate party favours are an excellent way to get your company name across. Custom made gifts with your corporate logo will make for very good party favours. Remember to choose a party favour is well made and that won’t break right away. Always identify who your guests will be in order to come up with a good gift that will be a material representation of your company.

5.       Food

Food and drinks are always a fantastic perk in attending parties. Being frugal in this area would make it very disappointing to your guests. Choose a caterer that has been around the business for a while. Make sure to taste test their dishes in order to find out if they will make the cut. Hold a poll in your office to find out if they have any preferred caterers and then start from there.

Planning a corporate event? What are some of the challenges you are encountering? Tell us in the comments section.

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